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At that point, if our Commission agrees that revision to our requirements are needed, we would move into developing a proposed rule, then a final rule. Details on how to submit comments can be found in a notice that will be published on November 21.This information and additional details about the rulemaking will be available on the federal rulemaking website. 5-6 at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md., to discuss the paper and answer questions.Emma Wong Project Manager If you have ever wondered about the safety of packaging and transporting radioactive materials, now is the perfect opportunity to learn about it. Department of Transportation has primary responsibility for regulatory materials transport, while the NRC regulates packages for larger quantities. When it is time to review our requirements, the NRC coordinates with DOT to ensure the two agencies have consistent regulatory standards. We are also working to align our regulations with the IAEA’s.The NRC is kicking off the process of updating our requirements in 10 CFR Part 71 We do this periodically to reflect new information. Stringent safety requirements, as well as coordination among federal agencies, international regulators, and tribal, state and local officials, help to ensure radioactive materials shipments are made safely. To encourage public input, we are publishing an “issues paper” that outlines areas we have identified for possible revision. We plan to use that input to develop a draft regulatory basis—a document that identifies a regulatory issue, and considers and recommends a solution.

The information contained in this website is updated regularly and reflects all updates, edits, and/or changes made to the Standards and the content contained in collections of Standards.Enrollment and Admission Minimum Age to Enter Child Care Enrollment Information to Parents/Guardians and Caregivers/Teachers Contents of Admission Agreement Between Child Care Program and Parent/Guardian II. Staff Qualifications and Training* Background Screening* General Qualifications for Directors* Qualifications of Lead Teachers and Teachers Qualifications for Assistant Teachers, Teacher Aides, and Volunteers Additional Qualifications for Caregivers/Teachers Serving Children Three to Thirty-Five Months of Age Qualifications and Responsibilities of Health Advocates* General Qualifications of Family Child Care Caregivers/Teachers to Operate a Family Child Care Home* Pre-service Training* Orientation for Care of Children with Special Health Care Needs* Orientation Topics* First Aid and CPR Training for Staff* Child Abuse and Neglect Education* Orientation of Substitutes Staff Education and Policies on Enteric (Diarrheal) and Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infections Staff Education and Policies on Cytomegalovirus (CMV) B.



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