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We offer17 styles in over 150 sizes – ranging from 1” up to 25” and everything in between.

These timeless designs stand out from the generically uninspiring designs found elsewhere.

We offer three distinct materials: historic composition for woodwork/furniture, beautifully detailed had cast plaster, and quality hardwoods.

Our offering spans all major periods, making us an invaluable resource for all your special moulding requirements. Dozens of classically inspired wall panel designs, nearly 200 grille sizes, window valances, ornate pilaster designs, niche shells, festoons, shields and of course ceiling medallions make this an area you should take some time viewing.


Nevertheless, from time to time, a rare and undocumented variation may surface.Ownership of the P&H™ logo is in the hands of Harnischfeger Technologies Inc., to whom the P&H™ trademark is registered.Meanwhile, Morris Material Handling is able to continue using the P&H™ trademark because its license agreement with Harnischfeger Technologies remains in effect. Please read this a couple of times or call our Communications group in Springfield, Ohio if you’d like more information.After you find the Goebel stamp compare it to the ones in the Hummel date stamp chart below.

If you are not sure about something just leave a comment below and I will try to clear it up for you.

Now you may want to find out the age of the Hummel Figurine you remember so fondly.



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    The majority of these are either in correct stratigraphic order or, where this is not the case, within the 2 range of adjacent dates.

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