Matt leblanc and jennifer aniston dating

Or jump to it like Jennifer with the help of our edit below. Team yours with strappy heels and swept-up hair to make the most of the neckline.

The 40-year-old actress said in 2006 she met and fell in love with the Oceans Eleven star on the set of the movie, telling Vogue that they did not pursue anything romantically until he had announced his separation with Jennifer.

Some diehard Jen fans aren’t doubting Matt’s father’s claims, but if you think back to 2004 – the signs were all there.

Not only did Jennifer Aniston and Matt Le Blanc have amazing chemistry on their hit show, Friends, but the paparazzi actually snapped pictures of them kissing on the street in Los Angeles which was later laughed off as “practice” for their upcoming scenes on Friends.

Especially since it is now reduced in the sale at Farfetch!

Matt Le Blanc’s father Paul revealed in a tell-all interview that his son used to brag about hooking up with Jennifer Aniston in their dressing rooms on the set of Friends, while she was still married to Brad Pitt!

Obviously, this bombshell changes everything, and basically will rewrite history.

That is, if there are any — and a sneak peek at the NBC reunion hints at a strong possibility.

Host Andy Cohen at one point in a preview asks the group, "Did you all sign contracts saying that you wouldn't sleep with each other?That wasn't the only story to hit the rumor mill, either, of course.


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