Updating my 70 s ranch home


Ranch-style homes, also called "ranchers," are a combination of the Spanish hacienda and the prairie-style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.The original rancher, designed by Cliff May, was built in 1932 in San Diego.This property is located approx 2 miles south of I-40 at the intersection of NM 217 & Dove Valley Rd, Tijeras, NM.This 80 acres is only 15 minutes from Albuquerque on NM 217 and consists of open gra...


Spring is also the start of a very busy season for home buyers. Suitable for a hobby farm with 13.75 acres of licensed and permitted water rights. It includes a ridge line sprinkled with pinon and juniper...



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    Jennifer later reacted to the steamy shoot by saying her ex is missing a 'sensitivity chip'.

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