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The movie was written and directed by William Friedkin, who was known for the movies, “The Excorcist” and “The French Connection.” The movie was based on a novel by a New York Times reporter named Gerald Walker. The novel was based on actual events that happened in the leather bars during the mid 1970’s in the meat packing district, where someone was murdering Gay men.

He would pick them up from the bars, take them to cheap motels and have sex with them or about to have sex with them when he would stab them to death.

“All that stuff about names, phone numbers, and meeting times on cubicle walls.

I have not seen this movie since that year, so I decided to see it again after 34 years.

Sometimes I even reply—always from an anonymous email—but it never goes any further than that. I'm wondering whether and who I should tell about this.

I'm afraid if I bring it up at work, what may have gone unnoticed will become an issue.

After he murdered his victims, while he was wiping off his bloody knife, the killer would say, “You made me do that.” “Cruising” launched the careers of several popular stars of today; 1.



Volunteer Training Training is conducted regularly 2-3 times a year.

Men cruise for these encounters in various public spaces — otherwise known as “beats” — such as a park, a public toilet or the change room in a gym with Technotronic’s Pump Up the Jam playing over the speakers.


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