Validating bindingsource

This is a community of tens of thousands of software programmers and website developers including Wrox book authors and readers. By joining today you can post your own programming questions, respond to other developers questions, and eliminate the ads that are displayed to guests. Is there something like the event "Before_Position Changed" in a bindingsource ?

In other words, I need to ask the user to save (or discard) before changing the current position, but how can I do this ?

Displaying a Combo Box in Cell Frequently, besides displaying text in a cell you may want to display a drop-down list box to allow users to select from a list of pre-determined values.

In this case, you need to add a Combo Box to the cells in the desired column.

Data Grid View: As you can see the Data Grid View is Displaying a Red Icon in the Age column and it displays a Tool Tip of Error that we have set in our Validation.

And finally when we are about to Save this Table, then we will first check the Error as, Detail View: Now we can implement the same thing in our Detail View.


This event is fired when the user tries to edit the Combo Box control: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Editing Control Showing( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Editing Control Showing Dim combo Box Column As Data Grid View Combo Box Column = _ Data Grid View1.

The beans binding library simplifies and standardizes all of this.

You can merely write a few lines of code to establish which properties of which components need to be kept in sync, and the beans binding library handles the rest.

Data Source = bindingsource '---add a combobox column to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1. Add(combo Box Col) The previous code showed how you can bind a Binding Source control (containing a list of items to let the users choose) to a Data Grid View Combo Box Column control inside a Data Grid View control.


Add("Price", "Price") '---create a new bindingsource control--- Dim bindingsource As New Binding Source '---add the items into the control--- bindingsource. Header Text = "Types" '---data bind it--- combo Box Col.

This exception can be handled in Data Error event of Data Grid View control. So to make it more user friendly, we do the following things,1) Set the Allow DBNull = True for the column2) Add Validation Rule in the Data Table Example: I have created a Typed Data Set Student Data Set in which I have added 1 Table First we have created 2 private methods1) Check Student Name() - validates the Student Name column2) Check Age() - validates the Age column Then we have used 2 Data Table Events1) Column Changed - in this event handler we check which column has been changed then we call the method according to that column2) Table New Row - in this event handler we execute both methods, since whole row is chagned Here we have done with our Custom Validation.


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