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Describing herself as sexually abused when she was a girl and neglected and abandoned as a young wife, Meyer has remade herself into one of the nation's best-known and best-paid TV preachers.She has taken her ``prosperity through faith'' message to millions.Ladies, do you think it’s weird or wonderful for a man to reach his 40s and not have children? Could you date someone you didn’t find attractive but you knew was great in bed?Shabba Ranks (below), who celebrates his 49th birthday today, has long been ridiculed for his looks, with many dubbing the dancehall star unattractive.LEADING FEMALE preacher Dr Juanita Bynum has confessed in a recent radio interview that she’s had lesbian relationships in the past and that she used to take drugs.Dr Bynum was being interviewed about her theatre production Get Your Life Back on Atlanta based radio show Frank & Wanda In The Morning, when she made her unexpected confession. I did the drugs, I've been with men, I've been with women.The idea came after Weeks was flooded with thousands of e-mails and letters from people offering advice about what to look for in his third wife. The sad thing is that women will be lining up to marry this man despite the fact that he had to plead guilty to handing out a beat down to his wife in a parking lot. God Sends “Cease and Desist” Letter To Juanita Bynum and Tommy “The Hit Man” Weeks:”Stop Representing Yourself as My Agents…OR ELSE! "The Juanity Bynum and Tommy "the Hitman" Weeks Divorce is Final I heard about this a few days ago. Why feed his ego by increasing the hits on his webpage???? These women who hope to be his 3rd, need medical help and Holy Spirit help.

[sic]" She rose to fame in 1990s with her sermon No More Sheets, where she revealed details of her promiscuous lifestyle and how God delivered her from it.Shabba’s looks were perhaps most famously teased by US comedy actor Marlon Wayans, who parodied the deejay’s…



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