Sbs 2016 dns not updating

In this example, I will be migrating a production server 2003 to SBS 2011, however the process is identical if you were migrating from all previous Windows operating systems.


After a bit of searching around the web I found org which is the part of the home for the Network Time Protocol open source project (

A good article to start with is Exchange 2013 interoperability with legacy Exchange Versions by Michael Van Horenbeeck. A single Exchange 2007 server and a single Exchange 2013 server. So I usually setup some dummy URLs on the 2013 side and test all the connections (OWA, EAS, OA).

This article points out when Exchange 2013 will proxy connections to 2007 vs. Both servers are installed in the same Active Directory Site. This way I know all proxying and redirecting is working prior to making any user impacting changes.

After a quick look at the event log, I could see that it was syncing correctly and that the date and timezone were correct.

So I began to look at how I could change the NTP server that Windows was syncing with.

Here you will fix a static IP the same as the original onto the NIC of the server. Wait till the SBS console comes up then run the Fix My Network Wizard – it’s on the Network tab and the Connectivity sub tab.


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