Brenda wairimu and juliani dating


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The beer brand has promised to Former Mali actress Brenda Wairimu has recently confirmed that she is still married to her musican husband. Talk to Nairobi News: The result of that partnership is the highly acclaimed studio album, Mtaa Mentality, released in December I don't Smoke And I do not drink.

But her intentions were not exactly to date the rapper but strike up a conversation because she is a huge fan of rap music.

She loved Juliani so much that she even got her hair braided to shake it like Juliani when he came to perform at her school.



Juliani is married to Brenda Wairimu and a children. LATEST JOBS in KENYA Accounting Jobs in Kenya Agricultural Jobs in Kenya Banking Jobs in Kenya Hotel Jobs in Kenya HR Jobs in Kenyas Legal Jobs in Kenya Nursing Jobs in Kenya Teaching Jobs in Kenya Procurement Jobs in Kenya UN Jobs in Kenya Security Jobs in Kenya Ngo Jobs in Kenya Online Jobs in Kenya.

He teamed up with nominee, Astar, and together they toured many schools and colleges.


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