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Those affected by this change received a 2-month notice that this category was under review.

However, Google did not provide any information how the policy will be implemented.

"Seriously, Google has no concern for the impact on many businesses supporting 1000's of jobs [legitimately] and intends to categorize 100's of perfectly moral and ethical business without a rational basis of implementing such policies', said Elena Petrova, CEO of

If you haven’t heard about it yet – Facebook just banned all dating affiliates from advertising on their platform.

Think of a way to speak to a single person without saying “Are you Single? *I’m going to send out some ideas for new dating angles to my newsletter. They are being watched closely by the dating site owners and Facebook.

Almost everyone checks or changes their relationship status on Facebook from time to time — and dating companies like and Zoosk advertise heavily on the site.

Although this monopoly is much less pronounced in the dating industry, the weight of the largest players has pushed the space further towards niche specialisation – something that has also happened in the digital ad space.


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