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Among those up already: “Dating on Demand,” a “Pre-K” service, “Home Improvement” and “Anime.”The combined viewership of Select fare surpassed the combined viewership of basic-cable-network VOD programming in February, Strauss said at a Wednesday meeting of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing’s Rocky Mountain chapter held at the Comcast Media Center here.He added that he’s looking for programming ideas that are either underserved on TV, like animation or dating, or that just work better on VOD, like fitness videos.Agency Leaders Symposium 2017 The goal of advertising is and always has been to have an impact.While it is critically important for an ad to get seen, viewability is not a measure of effectiveness; it is a table stake for digital...Comcast plans to expand Dating on Demand by allowing modem subscribers with Web cameras to submit their own video profiles.And the MSO will test a real-estate on-demand service next month. In this presentation, co-author of the report and com Score SVP of Marketing & Insights...


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That was a bit of a departure from the rest of the industry, which seemed to focus most of its energies on high-speed data, new telephony products and technologies like digital video recorders.

Comcast president and chief operating officer Steve Burke says it made the most sense for the MSO.“If you look at our company, the vast majority of our revenue, despite the tremendous growth of high-speed data and the fact that we have a large telephone business, comes from our video business,” Burke says. 1 priority in the company becomes growing our video business.“When you look at all of the different ways you can do that, in terms of product enhancements, we think the best is video on demand for a variety of reasons,” Burke adds.

He added that the MSO’s “Select On Demand” unit has launched 12 categories so far, and it plans to launch another 30 this year.

vice president of video-on-demand content development and management Matt Strauss said specialty fare in categories like dating and home improvement has already developed a following among digital-cable customers.

The answer was pretty simple: Grow the video business.


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