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SUBCOMMANDS BASIC COMMANDS init Initialize ipfs local configuration add List hashes of links from an object DATA STRUCTURE COMMANDS block Interact with raw blocks in the datastore object Interact with raw dag nodes files Interact with objects as if they were a unix filesystem dag Interact with IPLD documents (experimental) ADVANCED COMMANDS daemon Start a long-running daemon process mount Mount an IPFS read-only mountpoint resolve Resolve any type of name name Publish and resolve IPNS names key Create and list IPNS name keypairs dns Resolve DNS links pin Pin objects to local storage repo Manipulate the IPFS repository stats Various operational stats filestore Manage the filestore (experimental) NETWORK COMMANDS id Show info about IPFS peers bootstrap Add or remove bootstrap peers swarm Manage connections to the p2p network dht Query the DHT for values or peers ping Measure the latency of a connection diag Print diagnostics TOOL COMMANDS config Manage configuration version Show ipfs version information update Download and apply go-ipfs updates commands List all available commands Use 'ipfs --help' to learn more about each command. SECURITY WARNING: The bootstrap command manipulates the "bootstrap list", which contains the addresses of bootstrap nodes. The configuration values are stored in a config file inside your IPFS repository. USAGE ipfs config show - Output config file contents. Gateway /ip4/ The API address can be changed the same way: ipfs config Addresses.

-h bool - Show a short version of the command help text. -L, --local bool - Run the command locally, instead of using the daemon. --api string - Use a specific API instance (defaults to /ip4/ To change the repo location, set the $IPFS_PATH environment variable: export IPFS_PATH=/path/to/ipfsrepo EXIT STATUS The CLI will exit with one of the following values: 0 Successful execution. ') OPTIONS --all bool - Remove all bootstrap peers. DESCRIPTION Outputs the list of peers that were removed. SYNOPSIS ipfs config edit DESCRIPTION To use 'ipfs config edit', you must have the $EDITOR environment variable set to your preferred text editor. For example, to change the 'Gateway' port: ipfs config Addresses.


This update should be installed by OEMs in Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 factory images or distributed to, or installed by, end users that already have the Microsoft i SCSI Software Target 3.3 installed. The utility unbound-checkconf(8) can be used to check prior to usage. Copy this to /etc/unbound/and start the server with: $ unbound -c /etc/unbound/Most settings are the defaults. Empty lines are ignored as is whitespace at the beginning of a line. -n, --only-hash bool - Only chunk and hash - do not write to disk. These are the *trusted peers* from which to learn about other peers in the network.

-t, --trickle bool - Use trickle-dag format for dag generation. SECURITY WARNING: The bootstrap command manipulates the "bootstrap list", which contains the addresses of bootstrap nodes.

It can appear any- where, it accepts a single file name as argument.



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