Dating vintage jbl speakers

The D130 featured a four-inch flat ribbon wire voice coil and Alnico V magnet.Two other products were the 12-inch D131 and the 8-inch D208 cone drivers.Between 19, JBL would expand that line with new multi-way monitors that revolutionized the industry.Where Altec advertised in 1973 that more studios used Altec monitors than all other makes combined, JBL was able to advertise in 1977 that their market share exceeded that of all competitors combined.JBL entered the decade with Altec still firmly established as the dominant studio monitor manufacturer.



Mounting gasket stamped #649915 and backside of cones stamped 72032. Beautiful condition gray, cast frame JBL D216 guitar speakers / Hi-Fi speakers. Likely same day serial numbers ending in #25858 & 25862. Original paper cone and surround perfect as is the original mounting gasket! Date code is 220647 (47th week of 1956, and the item it came from had a manufacturer date stamped of 1956). It passed our audio generator sweep test and is ready to install. Original paper cone and surround perfect as is the original mounting gasket!

The company was first called Lansing Sound, Inc., from 1 October 1946, and later changed its name to James B. The first products were the model D101 15-inch loudspeaker and the model D175 high-frequency driver.


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