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So I began to wonder if people ever search for Sugar daddy in other countries.Using (a free keyword research tool), I discovered that there are 550,000 global searches for “Sugar daddy” and 60,500 global searches for “Sugar mummy”After this observation, I tried to find other colloquial meanings of “Sugar mummy” to see if people might have been searching with those terms globally instead of “Sugar mummy”, and only “Cougars” came close.So my cousin got me thinking this morning when I heard her trying so hard to justify to her friend on the phone why getting a job is not her priority.Instead, she will borrow money to enhance her appearance and be present at every event (even if uninvited), aggressively waiting for that golden Sugar Daddy to come her way…And there are a whole lot more Nigerian men looking for rich, older women on the internet than there are Nigerian women looking for rich older men on the internet.I took my “Sugar mummy” search to Twitter, Facebok, bloomberry, and Nairaland, and it was no different from what Google had told me.

May 4, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. S sugar mummy hook-ups ugandan sugar mummy connections uk sugar mummies videos of sugar mummies.The dating of ‘Sugar Daddies’ concept has grown to the extent that, it is no more an embarrassment or taboo to be with a man of your father’s age, giving out s*x for money.Young girls openly admit and discuss these activities they are engaged in.The youth of our nation are resorting to morally corrupt means of making a living and I ask myself, is this the only option?

My inquiries revealed that there are covert networking events periodically held in Accra and Kumasi which is aimed at bringing young ladies and gentlemen closer to their newly-acquired jobs (dating sugar mummies and daddies).The phenomenon of ladies dating or sleeping with older (sometimes married) men for purely financial gains in Ghana is as old as consciousness.


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