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Am looking for a life partner - who would be more of a friend.


I think to find ur soulmate in ur best friend is the key to any successful relationship...

I am currently working in the field of instructional design, having trained for the same with a PG Diploma in Instructional Design from Symbiosi... My hobbies are music, travelling, net-surfing, photograp... s an attempt to give you a brief idea of who I am ?

Read more Hi I am working as an Executive Assistant in a Private Company. Born and brought up in pune, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the kind o...

i want a person who understand me, care me and who love me so much. Read more Hello, I am trying my level best to describe myself very objectively with total honesty. Thomas High School and junior college from Patkar College in Mumbai. Read more A request: Please contact ONLY if you have pictures and also only ACCEPT or SEND request if we can communicate. would like to face every moment of LIFE, whether its happy or sorrow in a positive manner.

I am a very jovial person, always wanting to live life to its fullest, at the same time very committed, genui... Looking for life partner who will be lovable, soft spoken, helping and caring nature, as well as better understanding and well settled in... I'm honest, eccentric, joyous, peaceful, excited about life, and i strongly believe in... I did my schooling from India and completed BS in Biotechnology from the US.

s an attempt to give you a brief idea of who I am ? Joined Siemens through campus interviews and was with them for 2 and a half years. Read more I am working As a administrator in an educational institute. I give thanks that the marriage made in heaven is now manifested upon earth through She accepted the request and we took the conversation forward. We would love to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards for helping us find the better halves for each other. I am from Sangli, Western Maharashtra and she was from Beed, Marathawa... everything was destined, I had first received request from him in December 2015, then somehow almost a month I had not accepted his interest, In the month of January 2016 I accepted his interest, then we talked on phone, informed parents,...


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