by Shehara de Silva (Parakrama) ‘In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’ – Eric Hoffer I was late as usual. I saw an even smaller frame shrunk into a swathe of sheets and a big buck toothed smile - that inimitable, Bugs Bunny smile. " she said, "I was in the departure lounge." A Priest had come and performed his last rites the night before. (She was in the cardiology ICU so I thought that made sense). What does it feel like to know for sure you are dying I wondered, and Asked: "Are you scared of death? I knew even by my standards of forthrightness, this was probably unacceptable, if not downright insensitive. I felt I had been called in with a special agenda, to take record as it were. It’s time enough" she said," "but there’s something you must do to help publish my thesis. The work in progress for almost a decade was "Sri Lankan Wood Craft" covering the Kandyan and Gampola and Dutch periods.She was dying, her skin was darker than I had ever seen it, and bloated on top, her arms and little wrists, needle thin. It had a section on trees, furniture …"Yes of course" I said feeling morbid. I told her about Bobby Kennedy, and how he had his last rites performed on him thrice as a kid, but he outwitted his rites for over thirty years.. Told me how she had got her feet swelling the last week, but she had a class at the little school she was helping in Negombo, and had collapsed there, and had been brought straight to hospital. I told her about a tsunami art exhibition, she told me of a child she taught who painted black trees, and how she knew she was hurting, and from there, onto ideas of psycho-social healing through art. She had been in and out of hospital ever since fighting off death long after the departure lounge had taken her in.

So, when Elite Daily came to her for advice on playing it cool with a crush, she obviously crushed it.After one particular dredge haul, he found in the dredge an ivory mammoth tusk, a large molar and a stone knife blade. Click here for more about the Cinmar Discovery In 2009, Darrin Lowery, an archeology doctoral student specializing in Paleo- Indian history was working in the area, and because it was raining, stopped by the Museum.


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