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That's not exactly a physical disorder that's easy to portray. TVGuide.com: Have you gotten much response from people who bipolar? TVGuide.com: Craig is actually a very complex character, being bipolar. We met in April and then in December of that same year [2010], we did another reading, and that was the end of that. We both were with other people at the time, so nothing was going to happen, of course. Sleep forever.” I thought that was the funniest thing ever. ” The phone dropped, and I had that moment where I was like, “Oh my God, is that what this is? The couple (feel free to call them Sparrett) invited into their stunning Harlem apartment—festooned with remote-control flameless candles—and then grossed us out by being utterly gorgeous, finishing each other’s sentences, cracking everyone up and just being disgustingly perfect in a way that makes you want to be best friends with them forever. We had a series of unofficial dates, but we went to see Sleep No More on one of our first nights out. JARROD: We went to Sleep No More and ended up at the Westway Diner until in the morning. The 19-year-old actor left the series in order to get an education, but is back playing moody musician Craig for two episodes, starting with this week's season premiere (Friday, Jan. caught up with Epstein to find out what it was like stepping back into the role of Craig and performing with fellow guest stars Taking Back Sunday, and if there's a chance he could make another return appearance. I'm very fortunate that I can go away to theater school and have the TV show say, "Yeah, go pursue your dream, but you still have a spot here if you want." They were the ones calling me saying, "Come back! TVGuide.com: Every so often they give Craig a mention. " and they were like, "Oh, we played at the amphitheater." I was thinking, "Is that some small club? TVGuide.com: You've been away at school, so how was it going back to Degrassi? You see your old teachers, who are [now] the directors and producers. I think when I came back it was pretty much just a big party. TVGuide.com: Yeah, she mentions you every once and a while. TVGuide.com: Does Craig know that Ashley [whom he once proposed to] and Jimmy [his former bandmate] are back dating? Plus, he's with Manny and sort of pursuing Ashley's best friend, so I don't think he can really feel bad about Ashley going out with Jimmy. Epstein: He has been in Vancouver, living the rock-star life, but he's lonely and has been dealing with drugs. He comes back to play a show in Toronto and to see his girlfriend, and to see Ellie. Also, you'll be performing with the band Taking Back Sunday. They were so down-to-earth and cool, and they were fans of the old Degrassi. I asked if they were in town for a show and they said, "No, we're just in town for Degrassi." I was like, "Where have you played here?



Epstein: I'm at the National Theatre School, which is like the Juilliard of Canada. Epstein: I have heard that there have been letters from people who have bipolar disorder, saying how it was nice to see a [series] recognize it and show how hard it is. TVGuide.com: Does that come up during your two-episode stint?

Seen here for the first time in six months, these pictures, taken by Daily Mail Online, reveal the 62-year-old convicted sex offender hugging a young blonde as he left his palatial home in New York City's upper east side on Wednesday bound for the Caribbean The mystery young blonde was hanging round Epstein's neck, his hand firmly on her rear.



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