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The community invested more than million to refurbish the 100-year old Colonial Theatre, one of the only theaters of its kind from the Vaudeville age and has been described as the “one of the finest acoustical theaters in the world.” Barrington Stage Company, the Tony Award-winning producer of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee invested millions into its newly renovated stage in downtown Pittsfield, along with the development of other stages within the downtown for smaller performances.Barrington Stage’s head of its Musical Theatre Lab, William Finn, told the Boston Globe that he was determined to make Pittsfield the “epicenter of the musical theater universe.” The Berkshire Museum, the oldest and most diverse museum in the Berkshires, has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation that incorporated a state-of-the-art air control system that will allow it to attract world-class exhibits.File-This may 10, 2017, file photo shows Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas (4) driving to the basket during the first quarter of a second-round NBA playoff series basketball game in Boston.

Downtown Pittsfield is home to the gilded-age Colonial Theatre, the Berkshire Museum, the Beacon Cinema (multi-plex), the Barrington Stage Company, Berkshire Athenaeum, Wahconah Park and Hebert Arboretum.

I joined CS in hopes of sharing my p I am fun to be around, easy to start a conversation with.



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    The app is simple, easy on the eye and feels like a game.

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    Some Gave All was also the best-selling album of 1992 in the US with 4,832,000 copies.

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    This is more than just about the women themselves, but also the society and culture in which they’ve grown up in.

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    Following their appearance on The X Factor, JLS signed to Epic Records.

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    The superhero movie was due to play in Algiers on Sunday during the second edition of Nuits du Cinéma, a festival jointly organized by film distribution company MD Cine and cultural organization Arts et Culture d’Alger to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The sudden change prompted local journalists to speculate that the film had been yanked because “Wonder Woman’s” lead actress, Gal Gadot, is Israeli.

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    (37) Marcella E (13) Marcella M (40) Marcella Star (47) Marcellax (22) Marcius Dann & Mil... (12) Maree (89) Mareena (4) Mareli (67) Maren B & Maya M (39) Maretta Dream (1256) Margare Dynn (25) Margaret Sweet (33) Margaritka (14) Margaritt Rus (34) Margie (31) Margo Hot (2) Margo L (12) Margo Monroee (18) Margo N (9) Margo S (11) Margo X (4) Margori (30) Margot (20) Margot Montclair (13) Marhia Fleir (100) Mari Gold (97) Mari Golld (44) Mari Hope (1) Mari Jane (11) Mari Janee (53) Mari Lena (22) Mari More (7) Mari Possa (6) Mari S (16) Mari Star (23) Maria & Shirley (16) Maria & Shirley &a... (13) Maria Amore (87) Maria Amour (27) Maria Angelh (12) Maria Anna (39) Maria Bella (15) Maria Bunny (23) Maria Carawana (7) Maria Cristina (422) Maria Croft (9) Maria Dash (44) Maria Delsol (26) Maria Divine (28) Maria Dolan (23) Maria Dreams (12) Maria Elizabeth (13) Maria Emma (16) Maria Eugenia (2) Maria Fay (419) Maria Foxy (13) Maria Franco (20) Maria Grazia (10) Maria Haloa & Alis...

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