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Again, by using this FREE chat room, you agree that we will not be held liable in any case and for any reason.


Those under age 18 must have consent from their parent before using ANY of our chat rooms.

Literacy Center Education Network's pre and early reading curriculum ( provides over a million free lessons following a "Modified Montessori approach to teaching reading." The Parent and Teacher section is divided into subject areas where lessons can be chosen for specific purposes.

Woodlands Literacy Zone an amazing site with links to online interactive activities on words and spellings, grammar and punctuation, writing and text work, and online stories.

The result of this disruption is reduced abundance and quality of the selection on offer.


Only some haggard and hatchet-faced harridans and annoyingly persistent poofters.

, shares the true stories of families who have been targeted by predators, revealing the tactics predators use to manipulate their victims and why even cautious families can be vulnerable to their attacks.


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    Remember to use your free party line trial minutes within 7 days or they will expire.

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    A professional basketball player Rebecca Lynn ' Becky' Hammon, popularly known as Becky Hammon was born on March 11, 1977, in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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