Updating xmldatasource rules dating new man

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an XML format designed to allow website content to be easily syndicated.

The syndicated content can be integrated into other websites, or can be viewed by individuals via an assortment of desktop applications. For example, the latest 4Guys articles are syndicated at

Thanks The Xml is generated in code behind using the data retrieved from Data Base I bind the gv Selected and gv All as xmldata All Users. I tried following 2 ways Xml Document xml Doc User = xmldata All Users.


The Xml Data Source control can be used by data-bound controls to display both hierarchical and tabular data. Shahram Khosravi Tabular data-bound controls, such as Grid View and Details View, expect tabular data from the underlying data store. NET VERSIONS: 2.0 Xml Data Source Enhanced Add Editing, Deleting, and Inserting Capabilities to Your Xml Data Source Controls By Dr.The Xml Data Source control is typically used to display hierarchical XML data in read-only scenarios.

Because the Xml Data Source control extends the Hierarchical Data Source Control class, it works with hierarchical data.The Xml Data Source typically loads XML data from an XML file, which is specified by the Data File property.



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