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“I don’t know if we would be together without Skype,” says Lisa Hoeynck, a University of Notre Dame junior, committed for the past three-plus years to Dusty Weber, a senior at St. “Seeing his face makes our relationship even stronger,” she says. “But there is something romantic about going to my mailbox and seeing a letter from my boyfriend and reading alone words from wherever he is,” she says.

“It was the action of thinking of me, wherever he was, removed from technology.” In return, Ms.

Roth pens her own letters, sealing them with a lipsticked kiss.

Skype and Facebook also let students make contact with the other’s roommates and friends.

Two years later, they are still seriously dating, cross-country. That tradition — and college dating over all — is being tweaked, thanks to today’s ability to communicate easily and variously across the miles. Last year, they Skyped for an hour or longer nearly every night.

Generations of high school sweethearts have stayed together into college, but the connection tends to unravel amid the charms of a new campus, often during the rite known as the Thanksgiving Break-up, or Turkey Drop.

Truth Finder is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Report Act.I searched for a car rental at the Appleton Airport. When I got to the airport, I found the Hertz rental desk and was told that the car I rented was from a Hertz about a half mile away. I searched on kayak for a rental car at Appleton airport.


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