Genevieve cortese and jared padalecki dating


Genevieve was born in San Francisco on January 8th, 1981.

She grew up outside the area until she was 13 when her parents decided to move to Glacier Park, Montana.

"It was really special and unexpected," Padalecki said of his connection with Genevieve while announcing her pregnancy on in November.

"It turned into hanging out, talking about traveling, and turned into dinner." Genevieve showed off her growing baby bump in a photo Monday.

Having started the site way back under a different name, we are now located at this domain.She posted a pic of their bundle of joy and wrote, "Please welcome the newest Padalecki, Odette Elliott!!” Please welcome the newest Padalecki, Odette Elliott!!The 33-year-old actor shared a new video, sponsored by Minute Maid, in which he Skypes with his wife Genevieve Cortese and their two kids – Thomas, 3, and Shepherd, 23 months. I miss rocking them back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.” “Wonderfully, we can always video chat so I can see them and talk to them. I’ll even feel guilty about letting Genevieve down,” he added.

“Because I’m filming nine months out of the year in Vancouver and Gen and the boys are in Austin, it gets me thinking am I away from my boys too much,” Jared says. Back in August, Us Weekly confirmed that he and his wife, One Tree Hill alum Danneel Harris Ackles, are expecting twins later this year.


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