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Guitar amplifiers range in price and quality from small, low-powered practice amplifiers, designed for students, which sell for less than USD, to expensive amplifiers which are custom-made for professional musicians and can cost thousands of dollars.

produced distortion effects by connecting the already distorted output of one amplifier into the input of another.

Later, most guitar amps were provided with preamplifier distortion controls, and "fuzz boxes" and other effects units were engineered to safely and reliably produce these sounds.

Can you tell me a little bit about my guitar and what it’s worth today?Introduced in 1982, Peavey’s T-20 was different from other basses in the Peavey lineup, the two-pickup T-40, and the single-pickup T-45.The T-40 (“Bass Space” October ’06) and its six-string sibling, the T-60, debuted as the first instruments to be made with parts carved using CNC machines, and their necks were bilaminated and pre-stressed.I'm looking to replace them with Tung-Sol 12AX7s and JJ 6L6GCs. I've tried searching and have gotten some mixed answers (at least while the search function was working, and through Google).

I understand that after a complete tube swap, that most amps generally have to be rebiased.

Their pickups had a unique system that converted the output from humbucking to single-coil.


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