Updating hyperlinks

The process of finding a hyperlink is the same as finding an ordinary word in Infix, or in any similar word processor application.

You’ll find the dialog under Edit in the toolbar, and then Find.

Name = "Hyperlinks" Then 'Capture last active cell on Hyperlinks worksheet and store in global variable GSource Cell = Target.

Have you ever had to edit, republish and re-upload a Storyline course because some of the hyperlinks had broken? Here is a SCORM package you can use to test if this works in your LMS.

The field I am wanting to populate controls numerous lookup functions. The Hyperlinks sheet contains three hyperlinks in cell A3, A6, and A9.

All three hyperlinks point to cell B2 in the Destination sheet .




Leader dots are most commonly used in the first column in a Table of Contents.The software has a special addition to its Find and Replace function that will help you to locate troublesome links in a few seconds.



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