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Interviews have been edited for length and clarity, and some names have been changed for anonymity. And something started with a Vietnamese-American guy for only one month. And it was very different, yeah, because what can I say? It’s not like I didn’t want to be serious, but I was young, so I didn’t want to continue. I think I’m quite lucky that I, most of the time, I meet good guys. But then I had some friends who have a similar job to mine, but they don’t meet good guys, or they have to meet on Tinder. I’ve been out a lot and I’ve met many, many people and many guys. Do you think dating, just little things are different…If you are already in Vietnam, it is time for you to leave your hotel room and explore the nearby cities and meet those gorgeous girls.A typical night out can easily have 15 - 20 of us out.


If you meet any foreign man who has a girlfriend or is married in Vietnam, it’s about 90% certain that his partner will be Vietnamese.Also, unlike women from nearby Asian countries, such as the Filipinas and Singaporeans, Vietnamese women tend to be more conservative and traditional.


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