Failed updating drac 5 firmware


A common occurrence discovered by HP Proliant ML110 and ML115 owners when having installed the HP version of VMware ESXi containing the management agents is a Purple Screen of Death (PSo D) after about 2 minutes of the ESXi host being up and running.The following video demonstrates this: The reason this occurs is that ESXi loads the HP CIM (Common Information Model) agents which then subsequently crashes ESXi if particular hardware is not found.Since there is no statistical evidence particular on the reliability of DSG, It's really hard to draw any conclusion just based on a very small non-random samples( I am a Stats major......) However, I am still looking for answers.


OMSA is not new to me, but I know a lot of people have asked if it’s working in v Sphere 6 yet and whether it’s reliable. If you’re familiar with Dell Power Edge servers then you’re probably also familiar with i DRAC and chassis management (CMC).

Been a while guys but rest assured I’ve been playing around with stuff and will be posting more soon.


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