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All that available hard-disk space quickly disappears once you start downloading games, demos, and HD videos.

Now that the USB has 4.81 cfw, you need to plug it back into the console, and Update via Storage Media again.

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However, giving console owners that freedom means that aspiring upgraders will need to know how to select the right hard-drive upgrade and the proper installation technique.

," is available under the Creative Commons license.Despite all the controversy surrounding DRM, digital game downloads have finally arrived too – nowadays, you can download premium AAA titles on launch day without having to wait for a piece of plastic to arrive in the mail.You can even use the default PS4 hard drive if you're thinking about supercharging your new console too.By clicking the image below it will take you to the download page.

Plug the USB into the PS3 console (off), and then turn it on.For those ill-affected by last week's patch, Sony has published a step-by-step guide to install the new firmware in your PS3's hidden safe mode.



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